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CXTools.org offers customer journey tools, voice of customer and other high-level resources. Our aim is to empower businesses and professionals to develop customer centric projects to improve customer satisfaction. We focused on, free customer experience resources created by public and private organizations; we based our process on this selection criteria.


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We are working hard to ensure that CXTools.org brings you all kinds of useful free customer experience resources. We want to help you to understand what options are available immediately. See at a glance whether a certain tool, course or app is what you need. Compare between different alternatives and decided which fits your needs.


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Thousands of customer experience professionals and business people from all over the world, each with their own queries, search into the internet to find the best information and tools that make it easier for them to develop good customer centric approaches.

Our job is to select, classify, and display customer experience resources that are freely available. Those resources were created by private organizations, NGOs, or public institutions.


  • Thank you to those who participate individually for their passion for the customer experience or to the generosity of private companies in sharing their knowledge and resources!


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Displaying what we do is the best way to promote and generate promoters for our business. It is the essence of what we practice in customer experience. Right?


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