Advantages of NPS

Companies that understand the advantages of NPS (Net Promoter Score) use it to better manage their customers feeling. Then incorporates this feedback into their operational processes. The great popularity of the NPS comes from the fact that it is a simple indicator and that it facilitates the creation of a customer management system within the company. The fact that it can be obtained through 2 or 3 questions, has promoted its use to all the interaction channels of the companies, reduced costs and facilitated its meaning.

In addition, the NPS is also a system by which customer satisfaction can be managed. It enables you to link customer loyalty metrics to actual business results, respond to complaints, improve operations, and convey a culture of service to all employees.

NPS Advantages
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  • their explanation The NPS survey only requires 2-3 questions. Prior to the introduction of the NPS, surveys were designed with 20 or 30 questions and a difficult analysis system.
  • buy modafinil thailand It can be asked frequently. Most companies use the NPS to evaluate different touchpoints on an ongoing basis. Customers are willing to respond because it will only take a few seconds.
  • neurontin overnight delivery Customers understand it easily. Preguntar por la recomendación es uno de los comportamientos más naturales de los consumidores. Ellos entienden el propostito de la pregunta y la relevancia respecto al servicio recibido. Es lo que los consumidores pregutan cuando hablan con otros en busca de orientación.



  • The NPS survey can be conducted on any channel and generates the best response rate.  From SMS, IVR, email, website to traditional channels such as telephone or personal surveys, the NPS adapts easily to any communication system with customers. A simple pop-up at the end of a chat can collect crucial customer information via the NPS.
  • Results are obtained in real time, so you can act immediately. The key to NPS is to give customers the opportunity to evaluate each interaction at the exact moment. identify the wow moments and use them to their benefit. It also allows you to find weak links and reinforce them quickly. Some companies send customer feedback directly to the staff involved in the interaction.



  • The NPS helps companies in all industries build loyalty and achieve growth. For the first time, a qualitative indicator, the opinion of a customer on a scale, was related to other indicators of company growth. See “The One Number You Need to Grow” by by founder of NPS, Frederick F. Reichheld.
  • It is widely used in the financial, Industrial, Services, Retail and Consumer sectors. Most companies use NPs to assess what their customers think of their services. It is even difficult to list major companies that use another satisfaction indicator. Bain & Co displays on its website a list of companies that use the Net Promoter Score. This list is not complete, but it does offer an idea of the popularity and general use of the Net Promoter Score. You can see the list here.



  • The NPS can be used in a multitude of businesses and any area of ​​the company. The experienced professionals of the Net Promoter System collect feedback from their clients in different ways depending on the specific needs of the business. The NPS can be adapted to obtain information on the general relationship with the company, specific moments or the competitive benchmark.
  • Facilitates its integration with other business indicators. Finding the right business indicators (annual spending, subscription to new products, churn rate, and others) depend on customer behavior. Find the rights customer behaviors and survey them in the right channels and moments are an essential step to a profitable NPS strategy.

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