• How to provide a profile of your company?

Before start creating a company profile, make sure your company is listed in CXTools.org. If you find it, you need to download the profile to take control of the profile content. It is very important to add new things that are on the horizon, to share new resources… It is also important to brag about awards or recognitions, and you can do it all right here.

On the profile of your company on the right is the question  Own or work here? Claim Now! Clicking on this link opens a login / login popup window, if you are not already logged in. In that case, you return to the previous login window, and then continue here.

  • Identity verification form 

If you are already logged in, then a blue popup window will open with the name: CONFIRM THAT THIS IS YOUR COMPANY. When creating s company profile, you need to fill in the confirmation details: Name, phone number, as well as verification details. The details should include your role or function in the company, your contact, email and a few details about the company so that we know that it is an authorized person. Then click on CONFIRM THAT THIS IS YOUR COMPANY.

We will receive this request, verify the information and immediately approve the download of the profile. Upon approval, you will receive an email notification of approval. You can then proceed to edit the profile.

  • Why should I confirm?

You can easily access the administration of your Company Profile and take over content management. You can also create promotion campaigns and notifications that will be displayed on relevant pages or search results. By verifying, you take control of the Profile and you can create quality and well-optimized content. Simply add photos, YouTube videos and notifications to your Profile. After that, you can communicate your Profile in our Promotion Knowledge Service and show it to the targeted group of customers. Interact with potential customers through messages forwarded to your inbox.


  • Package Selection

After you have successfully logged in to the system, you can proceed to add your Company Profile.

Clicking on the Add Company Profile button, in the upper right corner of the page, opens a page with a selection of packages of available services. In the title of the package is the amount that costs on an annual level, below are listed the services it includes, and at the bottom the Next button, with which you can continue entering the Company Profile.

On the next page, called Add Profile, you need to enter all the required information, depending on the package you have chosen (Professional Member, Business Member or Sponsor Organization). If you have selected a Package that does not support a particular service, this does not prevent you from entering that information (eg. pictures or YouTube videos), but it will not be displayed on your Company Profile until you subscribe to another package, after which all data will be displayed automatically.

It is very important that you describe your business as accurately as possible, as well as that you enter accurate information in the fields provided. All fields are described and a sample text is offered, but you can also hover your mouse over the questionnaire at the top of the title for a more detailed explanation.

  • Basic profile

PROFILE TITLE ( mandatory entry ). This is the most important information that will be the title of your company profile, which is the basic tag for searching this site.
Recommendation: In addition to the name of the company, try to briefly describe the activity or service (eg. Voice of Customer Software and Measurement).
SLOGAN (preferred entry). This information is actually a description tag and appears below the Profile Title. You need to describe your business in one sentence, including keywords for site search, (eg. The Customer Experience Platform that keeps you connected).
LOCATION (preferred entry). From the drop-down list, select the location where your company is located. You can also choose multiple cities if you do business in multiple locations.
ADDRESS (preferred entry). Enter the exact address of your company, and if Google Maps does not recognize it, click Drag Pin on the map and place the Pin exactly on the location of the company.
PHONE (preferred entry ). Eg. 033 / 1234-567
WHATSAPP (optional ). Eg. +381111234567
WEBSITE (preferred entry). Eg. http://www.cxtools.org

  • Business Information

WORKING HOURS (optional). You can easily add your company’s working hours by selecting the days of the week and working hours from the drop-down list, and you can add or remove them from the list with the + and – button.
ACTIVITY (mandatory entry). From the drop-down list, select one or more Activities of your company, because it is also one of the basic tags for searching this site.

  • Business description 

· DESCRIPTION (mandatory field). At this point you need to describe in detail the business of your company, products and services, etc. You can also use the text editor to optimize the content and thus better position yourself in the search on this site, but also on the Google search engine. Basic guidelines for SEO content optimization:

– Start the text H2 with the subtitle (H1 is the name of the profile);
– Add H3 and H4 subtitles if needed and enough text;
– Separate special units with separate paragraphs;
– Bold / Search keywords;
– Format part of the text in Italic style ( explanations, enumerations… );
– Link a few keywords to your company’s website or to some other related content on this site (blog, event).


ADDITIONAL ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONES (optional). If you need to display more than one address or location and telephone number, enter the City or place in the additional address field, and under Address, telephone or any other contact information.

LINKS FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS (preferred entry). In the fields for social networks, enter the complete link of the page on that network,

TAGS / KEYWORDS (preferred entry). It is very important for the search of this site, but also of the Google search engine, to precisely list the search tags, ie keywords that you have already bolded in the profile text, and separate them only with a comma, e.g. employee experience, emotion research, experience software, journey map.

  • Multimedia VIDEO Link (optional) If you have rented a package that allows you to view a YouTube video clip on your company profile, simply copy the entire link in the field provided.
    Note: you need to pay attention to whether you copied the link of the video clip or playlist, etc. If the link is a playlist, the video clip will not be displayed.
  • PICTURES (preferred input) By simply dragging certain photos from your window to the image space, you can create a photo gallery of your products and service.  This information will be displayed at the top of your company profile in Banner / Slider format.
    Note: make sure your images are optimized, ie. which are the dimensions and resolutions. We recommend that you shoot images with a resolution of 72px, minimum dimensions e.g. 800px X 600px, up to a maximum of 1920px X 1080px, in height or width.
    The height of the Gallery / Slider is 350px, so the images below that dimension will be displayed reduced. This will disturb the harmonious appearance of the banner with the photo gallery. Also, it is important that the images are displayed nicely when clicked on them and a popup window with an enlarged photo opens. So, the recommended and optimized dimension of the photos is some mean value around 1200px in 72px resolution. The maximum number of images you can add to the gallery is 20.
    SAVE AND VIEW At the very end you need to check the box I agree (to fully accept the Terms and Conditions of Use) and confirm the entry on the Save and View button, after which you will be redirected to view your Company Profile, where you can see how will appear after publication.
    Note: in order for the Company Profile to be published and publicly available to all CXTools.org users, it needs to be approved by the System Administrator, which will be done immediately upon receipt of payment for a particular package. In any case, we will contact you by email regarding invoice delivery and payment.


On the Administration page you can access and update your personal data on the Edit Account page, view the Statistics of visits to the Company Profile, received Messages and written Recommendations, as well as to use some of the following Services depending on the leased Package.

– Posts
– Events
– Catalog or List of Services
– Company Profile
– Message box
– View Saved Profiles
– Overview of leased Packages
– Creating an Ad Campaign
– Review Recommendations