• How to join 

To join a Customer Experience Management Tools world, you need to create a Member Account that allows you to use advanced services, such as creating a Company Profile, Promoting Campaign, viewing Statistics, posting Recommendations and more.

In the upper right corner of the page is a link called Sign in . Clicking on this link will open a popup window with the form for Logging in to the system or Creating a New Member Account. If you are a user of social networks, this is all possible by connecting to an existing account on a social network.

In the popup window you have the option to Login to the system or by clicking on the link Sign Up to create a new Member Account.

  • System login

By clicking on the Login link in the upper right corner of the site, the Login popup window opens, you need to log in, ie log in to be able to continue.

There are two ways to log in: by entering your username and password or by clicking on the button of your social network on which you are already logged in. To log in, you need to fill in all the fields provided, ie your username or email and your password, which you previously created on this site. For data security and SPAM protection, be sure to check “I’m not a robot”. If Google’s “ReCaptcha” is activated, for additional confirmation that it is a real person, check the provided thumbnails depending on the question. If you want your computer to remember the parameters for accessing the site, so that you do not fill in the fields in the form every time you log in, check “Keep me logged in”. The next step is to click on “Login” and then you are logged in to the system.

IMPORTANT: If you have forgotten or lost your password to access the system, click on the link You forgot your password in the lower right corner of the Login window, then enter the Username or Email you already registered with and confirm with the button below. You will receive an email shortly with a link to change your password.



  • Access to Member Account

After successful login to the system (login), in the upper right corner, instead of the Login link, there will be your username or company name.

Clicking the mouse over the link with the username will bring up a drop-down menu with links to Administration, Edit Member Account and Logout.

On the Administration page, access to all services is provided, depending on the package to which you are subscribed. On the Edit Account page, you can edit your account information.

  • Member Account Update:

– Change photo / company logo (preferred)
– Company name (required)
– Responsible person (optional)
– Email (required)
– Phone (preferred)
– Address (preferred)
– Company description (optional)
– Links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Instagram and Pinterest accounts (preferred)
– Change password (preferred)