Recommendation is at the heart of customer experience practice

Recommendations are an integral part of the process of valorate a service or a resource. When we put ourselves in the role of a customer, we can easily conclude that we mostly decide to use or hire a those services about which we already have information from previous customers. Think now about the recommendation or praise from a colleague. Recommendations is essential for Customer Experience Management.

how to buy cytotec without a prescription “Innovative companies are leveraging their media presence to cultivate customer trust. They are ensuring consumers have a great experience from the first point of contact. And they are trying to build a long-term relationship with their customers to get solid word of mouth recommendations.”
Stratford Managers Corporation

A good recommendation of your tools and resources freely available for public revision or use, is more key in deciding you are a good choice than a hundred of commercial visits.

A recommendation can be related to quality, process design or innovation. Sometimes imply the kindness of the people who provide the service. If your ambition is to serve the international market, probably your prospects don’t know much about you. You need to rely on those who already knows you and are happy to tell others.

In fact, if you want to connect with your audience consider that peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions.

CX professionals

Share your opinion with others about the resources or services you used. Sorong Your experience will help someone decide. Read the recommendations, see the experience of others.
Maybe you had a problem on the road, and you want a new and fresh perspective. Or you had an incredible good experience that you want to share… You want to tell someone around the globe. Join here.

CX companies

See how you can share with anyone around the world  your CX world class expertise. Tell your fans to write about you and your products or services. Especially with those you want other to freely use. Their opinion is key to gain your preference.

Only those who know you well and are very satisfy with you, are listen from other who are considering you among other alternatives.  This is your better alternative.


Recommendations customers are one of the service We based on the real experiences of other customers and users who have these service already experienced and used. In addition to the benefits of this customer service, it can also be a good marketing tool as feedback, direct communication with the customer. We want to help you in improving recommendations for your Customer Experience Management.

You can enter a recommendation on the Profile of a specific company by clicking the Send Recommendation button in the upper right corner of the Profile page or by scrolling down the page.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to write testimonials, you need to be logged in to the system. We recommend that before sending recommendations to create an account or log in by clicking Login in the upper right corner of the hand, and then continue typing recommendations.


RATING (preferred entry) By clicking on a certain number of stars you can rate the company or specifically the product you will recommend.

PICTURE (preferred entry) It is advisable to confirm your recommendation with a picture of that product or service. You can enter it from your computer or phone. You can take a photo of something relevant with your phone. Note: depending on the model of the mobile device or operating system, it is necessary to confirm certain operations. E.g. on the Android system it is mandatory to confirm the sending of the image in the lower right corner of the screen, etc.

TITLE (mandatory entry) Enter the title of the recommendation in this field. Make clear at a glance what the topic of the recommendation is, eg a very useful course or great book.

TEXT OF THE RECOMMENDATION. The Recommendation field is intended for the description of a certain service, experience, and the like.

SENDING A RECOMMENDATION. At the very end, it is necessary to mark the antispam service ” I’m not a robot ” and confirm below on the button ” Send Recommendation “. You will then be notified that you have successfully posted a Recommendation. The profile owner can respond or thank you. In the second case, a notification or warning will be displayed that a required field is not well entered or marked.