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Terms of Use of CXTools

The CXTools.org website, as well as publications published by the CXTools.org based in Madrid, Spain, are the property of the same. By using this site, we assumed that you agree to the Terms of Use of CXTools. The Terms may change as needed and without prior notice.

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The site CXTools.org  contains information about legal entities, texts, photos, design, graphics, videos as well as other materials and effects that are protected by copyright whose user is CXTools.org or a third party. All information is the property of private or legal entities.

All information is intended for viewing for private or business purposes. Other uses including without limitation modification, deletion, transcription, public display, copying, or any other action not authorized in writing by their legal owners are prohibited. The material contained on the site may not be used for the purposes of telemarketing, mass mailing of various representatives or spamming.

CXTools completely exclude politics and does not belong to any political party. CXTools does business exclusively with businessmen, and serves the entire public as a service. CXTools.org makes every effort to ensure that the information it presents is accurate and timely updated. CTools posted on the site according with our Terms of Use of CXTools. CXTools.org receives information from various sources. The company does not have complete control over the accuracy of the information at the time it is used. Therefore, it cannot fully guarantee accuracy and disclaims liability for the accuracy of the content.

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CXTools.org reserves the right to change the prices of advertising without prior notice. The company reserves as well as, the appearance and functionality of the site, services and publications. CXTools reserves the right, discreetly without obligation, to correct or correct errors or ambiguous words in the product or service. We do this to provide accurate and updated information. We are not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in accordance with the Terms of Use of CXTools

CXTools.org does not guarantee the services Promoted on the Website or in the publication. It is your right to check all services or products. CXTools.org suggests looking for Recommendations on the site for each company you search. Also, CXTools.org does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. You can rely on your own research that you receive from consumers who have used the requested products or services.

As our Terms of Use of CXTools, the service or product presented by CXTools.org is “as is” without warranty from CXTools.org.

CXTools.org is not responsible for the result or any loss incurred in contacting the companies found on the site; either directly, indirectly or by linking to another site on the Internet.

Jaú Copyright 

The content of the Site (texts, images, video / audio clips, symbols) are the property of each company posted.  CXTools.org does not accept responsibility for controlling trademarks, copyright or third party rights. CXTools.org may at certain times discreetly exclude or prohibit the presentation of products or services to members who violate the copyright or other rights of other members on the site.

All misunderstandings should be resolved in the spirit of good business relations. All rights, including the right to translate into any language, are reserved by CXTools.org. No part of this site or publication, including the name, marks and copyrights.

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The service offered is Promotion. Each entry in the CXTools.org site, registration, each download of the company profile and their administration is considered a promotion message or promotion on the site.

The client is a company and / or its representative who enters and / or administers information about the company. The publisher is CXTools.org. When a customer sets the content directly or indirectly to present through the CXTools.org, and which are on this site, are expected to be accurate. We do not accept anonymous presentation of companies, products or services. CXTools.org promotes only information that the client posts himself, directly or indirectly (sends to the editorial office or adds the administrator to the CXTools.org site).

The Client guarantees the correctness and authenticity of data and messages. Through the administration of the profile through the site, telephone call, e-mail, letter or personally and authorizes CXTools.org to use, publish, adapt, reproduce, translate, transmit, distribute, including Internet, publications, telephone information through the info center, through a system of recommendations or information and sending commercial messages by contacting by e-mail, and otherwise use all or part of the information, materials or content in any way through all known and future technologies.

Also, the client guarantees that the material that he gave or posted in the CXTools.org for promotion are not contrary to law.  That he has all the necessary permits and approvals to perform work from the same, and claims to be with the authors , images, ideas, promotion messages, etc. which he set up or gave to the Publisher for design and publication on the Internet, regulated the issue of copyright and that in that respect CXTools.org has no obligations to the authors.

All parties agree that the copyright to the design prepared by CXTools.org for publication and / or the Internet will remain its property. The information, promotions, video ads, website, and everything else created by CXTools.org will be copyrighted by CXTools.org, and may not be broadcast and reproduced without his consent.

In case of displaying brands, the Client guarantees that he is an authorized representative or agent of the brand in question.

Correctness of promotion

CXTools.org does not present personal information but the products and services of companies as well as the companies themselves. CXTools constantly monitors the statistics of visits and the needs of users of the site. In this way, CXTools.org can inform advertisers about visits to their profile page or search statistics when it comes to specific products or services. If you need additional information, you can contact us via the contact form.

CXTools.org does not sell any part of the site content (information) to third parties for the purposes of telemarketing, marketing or commercial e-mail campaigns, etc.

CXTools.org reserves the right to send commercial messages and information about each company, products or services to other companies or individuals for personal use or at the request of individual customers. On that occasion does not publish information about the company for which it does not obtain approval. All information is in the archive and serves exclusively to promote the products or services that we present.

By placing information and materials in the CXTools.org database and the website CXTools.org, you guarantee the correctness and authenticity of the data. You also authorize CXTools.org to use, publish, adapt, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit, distribute, and otherwise use all or part of the information, materials or content in any way through any known and future technologies.

Material that does not comply with the editorial policy of CXTools.org (its use for illegal activities, competition to CXTools.org, threats, blackmail, pornography or prohibited material for children) will not be published and if it does not comply with the Terms of use of CXTools.

In case of any problems, you can contact us by e-mail admin@cxtools.org

If you happen to come across inaccurate or incorrect information when searching this site, please inform us about the same via the contact form.

Information for site visitors

As a user, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the following responsibilities:
that you will provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself, in accordance with the requirements of the registration form;
that you will make timely changes to the data to be true, accurate and complete.

By filling in the registration form from which the Author will download your data for the purpose of accounting records, we assumed that you agree to the following:
1. that this data will be collected, stored and processed by CXTools.org
2. that the data will be used indefinitely for subsequent contacts ;
3. to receive from CXTools.org various materials and information, via email notifications with service information. Each email with this content also contains instructions for unsubscribing.


The author does not warrant that the site, servers hosted or emails from CXTools.org do not contain computer viruses or other potentially malicious software. The visitor uses www.cxtools.org at his own risk, and the CXTools.org  assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use / visit of the Site or the information contained therein. The information on the site reflects the reality at the time of registration or refresh of individual pages.


When using the Site, the user is solely responsible for protecting the data that allows access to the account, such as username and password, and is also responsible for the actions on the site while in his account. If you believe that the confidentiality of your account access data has been compromised for any reason, please notify CXTools.org immediately so that we can block access to your account and generate new access data.

Unauthorized transactions on this Site and their attempt, which include, but are not limited to:
misuse, fraud, unauthorized access, modification and copying of data for the purpose of their commercialization, blocking access, etc., will be penalized in accordance with the law.


Users of the site may submit questions, comments, notes, suggestions and ideas regarding the content of the site to the editorial office, as long as they are not illegal, defamatory, threatening and do not endanger the privacy and copyrights of CXTools.org or third parties, if they do not contain viruses. political / election campaigns, chain letters, mass mail or some other form of spam. You may not use a fake email address or represent another person or entity. CXTools.org reserves the right, but not the obligation, to remove or modify such information.